Welcome to Deb Barrett’s Online Press Kit

by Deb on November 14, 2010

10 Things I Know For Sure

World traveler, wine connoisseur -in training and in my spare time I’m a trend strategist, designer, speaker and design blogger….. But most of all I am your go – to expert when it comes to spotting interior design trends. Let me help you navigate trends-macro or micro- in the interior design world, its products and issues in today’s rapidly changing design landscape. From resources and trend intelligence to the nuts and bolts of trends and why they matter; you’ll be off and running.

Interior Design Trend Guru

Her fascination with what’s around the corner and the constant search for inspiration has led her to her current roles as a trend strategist and creative catalyst. Writing about design and tendencies on a daily basis and traveling keeps her in the loop when it comes to these topics.


Equally comfortable in front of small, close-knit groups or as a keynote speaker for large audiences, Deb is a popular speaker who is widely recognized as fun, engaging, inspirational, and capable of covering a wide variety of topics for professionals from CEO’s to entrepreneurs. Her signature presentations spotlight her two passions- trendspotting and design.


Let Deb Barrett help you navigate the world of trends and interior stylings and be the first to know what’s next. From her years of experience working one-on-on and in seminars with hundreds of professionals from CEOs to design entrepreneurs; she’ll provide inspiration for all levels of your design business. Develop a fashion forward presence, own your brand, and craft your essential trend messages.

One Minute with Deb

Favorite organizational task:

Sorting paper stacks on the floor in my office

Dream project:

Each project is your dream in the midst of it.

Ideal vacation:

A month in the south of France

Favorite reference book:

Depending on what I am working on it’s either The Vogue Sewing Book or my Field of Dreams sketchbook.

Fondest memory:

Sipping Saturday morning coffee from a demitasse cup with my Grandmother and Mom.


A great red wine with dark chocolate

Above all, anything French!